Orthodox believers from Shkodra on the day of St. John Vladimir attended the celebrations in the cities of Bar and Elbasan


Many Orthodox believers and representatives of the Association of Serbs and Montenegrins from Shkodra on June 4 2016 participated on the feast organized for the great martyr St. Jovan Vladimir, among the believers from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Greece and Russia in Bar, Montenegro invited by the Orthodox Church of Montenegro which organized the holy liturgy as well as numerous other events. This day also marks the 1000 anniversary of the killing of this saint of the God’s Church.
The divine Liturgy in the Cathedral of Bar temple dedicated to the saint was served by the Archbishop of Cetinje Metropolitan of Montenegro Mitropolije and episcope of Niksic Joanikije and episkom from Bihac Atanasije.
During the Divine Liturgy was conducted baptism of children and adults.
In liturgical sermons after reading the Gospel, Bishop Athanasius said that Saint Jovan Vladimir is a witness of Christ and an indicator light and love of Christ and the Holy Jovan Vladimir himself gave his life for the lives of loved ones, the lives of all who were able to see and hear.
After Communion the faithful blessed the Feast cake.
Metropolitan Amfilohije welcomed episcopes Joaniki and Atanasije and held a speech on Saint Jovan Vladimir.
“Saint Jovan Vladimir, King of Zeta martyr whom we celebrate today and to whom this holy temple is dedicated, brings us to the Lord. He was the first who testified of Christ with his martyr’s death, but he is ecumenical saint, “said Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro. He sacrificed himself for God’s sake and for your loved ones at a time when the Church was united east and west. Please God take his holy prayers for the Church of God East and West once again to be one , unified by crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, “said Archbishop Amfilohije.
Metropolitan Amfilohije announced the consecration of the temple for 25 September, which will also be of ecumenical character with the participation of representatives of all local Orthodox Churches.
The celebration of the feast of Saint John Vladimir continued with the table of Christian love.
Representatives of the associations represented also the believers from Shkodra in the Elbasan monastery feast dedicated to the Saint in addition to numerous Orthodox Christians from Albania, Montenegro, Greece, Macedonia, organized by the Albanian Autocephalous Orthodox Church.

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