Participation at festival “Sabiraj se golem zbore” in Leposavic


The delegation of the association of the Serbian-Montenegrin national minority “Morača-Rozafa” attended the folklore festival “SABIRAJ SE GOLEM ZBORE”, a festival of folk art and cultural tradition of the Serbian people, which was held in Leposavić. At the invitation of the organizer of this cultural event, which includes all the Serbs living in the region, the delegation of the Association was led by the President of the Association of Pavlo Jakoja-Brajovic. This festival is organized annually under the auspices of the Municipality of Leposavic, the Ministry of Culture of Serbia and the Office for Kosovo and Metohija since 1996, and this year is being held continuously.

The festival was held from 27-30 August in the center of Leposavic municipality, attended by numerous citizens and guests. Participating folklore groups were from Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, and for the first time a representative of the Serbian-Montenegrin association “Morača-Rozafa” Gordana Hajko-Ajkovic took part with the recitation of the poem “Stay Here” by the great Serbian poet Aleksa Santic. Ajkovic recitation was  very emotional and applauded for a long time by the present as well as rewarded by the organizers. It is important to emphasize that the organizers paid great attention to the participation of our delegation, expressed by the ceremonial reception by the mayor of Leposavic exchanging gifts and by expressed gratitude for our participation. At the end of the event prepared a ceremonial reception and fraternal dinner during which they exchanged gifts and letters of grattitude to all present.

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