Participation in the Summer School in the National Park of Tara


The Orthodox Association “St. Jovan Vladimir” on invitation of the partner organizations in Serbia “Nasa Serbia” made possible the traveling and participation cost of 12 children from Shkodra and Vraka in the Summer School “School of Friendship” which is organized every year in Tara, Serbia.In the period from 17th to the 27th of July, our children had the unique opportunity to socialize with children from Serbian enclaves in Kosovo and Metohija, the Serbian Republic –Trebinje, and Montenegro – Kotor , Radonivici and Radovića.
Beside the interactive workshops “The Serbian Code”, in which they learn about our traditions, language and culture, the children had daily creative workshops and sport schools, and every evening- programs filled with a number of amenities.
Starting from 2010, an integral part of the School of Friendship is the cultural and educational program “The Serbian Code” whose participants are children of Serbian nationality who live in the region. The topic of the program is Serbian national and cultural identity, and the goal is to get the kids more familiar with national values: language, history, culture, religion, tradition, and to facilitate the maintenance and strengthening their ties with the homeland.
The specificity of the School of Friendship is the concept of learning through socialization, play, creativity and to discover their own interests and potential. Covering various aspects of working with children, the school of friendship gives them a great variety of workshops to enable them to acquire new knowledge and skills. Everything has been designed in order to gain knowledge and experience of expanding the field of ecology, ethnology, language, music and folklore, painting and sculpting, acting. An important segment of the sport within the school is football, basketball, volleyball, rhythmic gymnastics and tennis.
The Orthodox Association “St.Jovan Vladimir” expresses gratitude to the organizers and the donors who made it possible for the children of Shkodra to feel the love of homeland and to preserve their faith and belonging to the Serbian people.

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