Resolution of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on Albania


The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on 2 of October issued the resolution Res 2019 on Albania Albanian evaluating the course of reforms and commitments to the Council of Europe. In addition to the field of electoral law, media and political climate, the fight against corruption, organized crime and the respect of the general human rights, special attention in the resolution is devoted to the rights of national minorities.
Specifically, in paragraph 13 the Parliamentary Assembly recommends to Albania to adopt a flexible and adequate system for the recognition of national minorities and ethnic groups, urges the parliament to adopt a comprehensive law on minorities and calls on the competent institution in the country to fulfill without further delay the accession commitment to the Council of Europe, to sign and ratify the European Charter for Regional or minority Languages.
Our associations are advocating for long on these measures which adoption will improve the standards, the legal framework and conditions for better implementation of the rights and freedoms of national minorities in Albania. Now their voice and the voice of their representatives has been supported by the largest institution of the Council of Europe, what will finally convince the Albanian institutions that the adoption of a legal framework in line with European standards is the first step towards meeting the requirements that Albania has in the area of and freedoms of national minorities.

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