Associations representing the Serbian and Montenegrin national minorities in Shkoder celebrated St. Sava Day


On Sunday, February 2, the Associations representing the interests of the Serbian and Montenegrin national minorities in Shkoder and Albania, solemnly organized and celebrated St. Sava Day in Shkoder, in cooperation with the Metropolitan of Montenegro, and with the blessing of the Archbishop of the Albanian Orthodox Church, Mr. Anastas and the Archbishop of the Metropolitan of Montenegro Mr. Amfilohije.

The Holy Liturgy was held in the Church of St. Trinity in Vraka and it was served by the Head-Priest Arsenije Radovic, with the help of Vraka Church parishioner Ivan Popovic and clergymen Blagoje Rajkovic and Ranko Radonjic. The Holy Liturgy was attended by believers coming from Vraka, Shkoder, Montenegro and Serbia, who gathered around the name of Saint Sava. Also, this ceremony was attended by His Excellency – the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in Tirana, Mr. Miroljub Zarić, accompanied by the Consul Mr.Dragan Savić, President of the Association “St. Jovan Vladimir” Mr.Zoran Ajković, President of the Association “Morača-Rozafa” Mr.Pavle Brajović, as well as students of the second and fifth grades of St. Peter’s Theological School of Cetinje with their professors. After believers received the antidoron, Archbishop Arsenije Radovic, after wishing the feast, said that we should gather around the name of the Lord and his Holy Comforter, St. Sava, and rejoice in one another. Father Arsen also recalled Serafim Sarovski’s famous words, ‘Christ was resurrected, my joy’. “And on this beautiful day we too should rejoice and pray for one another, approaching one another, because we cannot do without one another. Often, one wants to go to heaven alone. But there is no paradise we can enter alone. Today people try to calm down, but again they need the neighbor, we need a doctor. That is why we constantly turn ourselves to Christ, our God, as a physician of the body and soul, to heal us, to relief us, to calm us down, to give us all the good things that every human needs. Therefore, the Lord can heal us with the help of prayers of our Sava’s Holy Father we celebrate today, and of all the Holy Fathers, and bless all of us in order to know, see and feel that the others must bring us joy. May our soul rejoice, first in our eternal Lord, in our neighbor, and then in all people who live here, who are our neighbors, those who comply the will of my Father – says the Lord in the Gospel. To all of you, I wish you good health and salvation, joy and God’s blessing to be around St. Sava,” Father Arsen said.

Following the sacred liturgy, the celebration of Saint Sava continued at the premises of the Moraca-Rozafa Association in Shkodra, with the ceremonial academy in which Father Arsen shared the bread of feast. The ceremonial speech was delivered by the clergyman Blagoje Rajković, professor of theology at Cetinje. The program of the Academy on Poetry and Recitation was attended by Nedeljko Ajković, Anabela Musić, Gordana Radović, Bojana Radonjić, Mirjana Radonjić, Stefan Radonjić, students of Cetinje Theology and students of the Serbian language course in Shkoder.

During the academy proceedings, the diplomas of St. Sava were presented and distributed, with the motivation for preserving Serbian culture and traditions and the heritage of St. Sava in Shkodra. The diplomas were awarded by Mr. Pavle Brajovic, Mr.Simo Ajković, the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Albania Mr. Miroljub Zarić, Mr. Budimir Dubak, Ms. Stojanka Dubak, Mr. Svetozar Ćiraković, and Ymer Stanković. At the conclusion of the academy, all participants in attendance sang the hymn of St. Sava.

Then, a festive lunch for everyone was organized, in which the writer Budimir Dubak, former Minister of Religion and Culture in the Government of the Republic of Montenegro, thanked the organizers in the name of St. Sava diplomas winners. In the name of the hosts, the guests were greeted by Mr.Pavle Brajovic and Mr.Zoran Ajkovic. From ancient Shkodra, attendees sent a message for protection to all cult objects in Montenegro, whether Orthodox, Catholic or Islamic, so that we all may live in peace and harmony, St. Sava may help us.







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