Students from Albania to study in Belgrade


Students from among the members of the Serbian-Montenegrin national minority in Albania will have the opportunity to enroll and continue academic studies at the University of Belgrade during the 2014-2015 academic school year . Thanks to the support that the Republic of Serbia and its state institutions provide to members of the Serbian minorities in neighboring countries, our graduates will upon successful completion of secondary school in Albania will continue their academic education to their faculty of choice in Belgrade, whose university is ranked among the top 500,in accordance with the project “Serbia for the Serbs in the region” .

12 students, eight from Shkodra and four from the city of Fier, will soon travel to Belgrade. In order to be better prepared for the curricular activities, language classes in Serbian will be organized during the first year at the student resort “Belgrade” on Avala by the Centre for Serbian as a Foreign Language of the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade.

Associations that represent the interests of the Serbian-Montenegrin national minority in Albania, “Moraca-Rozafa” , “ Jedinstvo” and” Sveti Jovan Vladimir “express gratitude to the Republic of Serbia on the extraordinary opportunity that was given to our children to go to school and study in their native language. This project is fully in line with our expectations that after the successful completion of the studies, students will return and contribute with their gained knowledge and actively participate in our efforts to strengthen and improve the position of our national minority in Albania.

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