Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania received the representatives of national minorities


On Friday, dt. 03.10.2014 Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Ditmir Bushati organized a consultative meeting with representatives of the most influential organizations of the Greek, Macedonian, Serb-Montenegrin, Roma and Vlach/Aromanian minorities and representatives of the Bosniak and Egyptian communities. The meeting was organized with the aim of strengthening the dialogue with national minorities and to inform about the steps taken by the state in order to improve the status and the exercise of the rights belonging to national minorities in Albania. On this occasion, the Minister delivered to minority representatives the Opinion of the Advisory Committee of the Council of Europe on the implementation of the Convention for the Protection of National Minorities in Albania translated in the respective languages of national minorities.
Mr. Bushati in his speech said that the new Albanian government accepted the great responsibility of all obligations arising from international standards in the field of European integration, not only to meet them in this context, but because the minorities are primarily part of the civil society which need special care and attention by all. He expressed the willingness of the Albanian government to strengthen the cooperation with them, involving them in decision-making and representation processes to solve their problems as well as to support their activities towards the preservation and development of their cultural and linguistic identity.
In his speech, the representative of the Serbian-Montenegrin national minority, Mr. Pavlo Brajovic particularly welcomed the establishment of inter-ministerial working group to review the existing legislation on the national minorities and supported the initiative and the concrete proposal of the State Committee for National Minorities of the Republic of Albania for the adoption of an integrated comprehensive law on the rights and freedoms of national minorities.
At this meeting, representatives of national minorities had the opportunity to present the current state of implementation of the rights of national minorities and to suggest concrete solutions and steps that state organs should undertake, in the area of education, use of minority languages, the representation of the state of the organism, funding of their cultural projects and activities and so on.

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