Meeting with the Speaker of the Serbian Parlament


The representatives of Serb-Montenegrin minority in Albania met in the premises of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Tirana on 03.03.2015 with the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia, Ms. Maja Gojkovic, who resides in Albania during the two-day visit as part of developing and promoting bilateral cooperation, at the invitation of the President of the Parliament of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Ilir Meta.
Representatives of our minority, Mr. Pavlo Jakoja Brajović, the president of the Association of Serbian-Montenegrin national minority “Moraca-Rozafa” expressed appreciation that during the first historic visit by a president of the Assembly of Serbia to Albania has been made possible a meeting with the representatives of our national minority preceding to the meetings with top officials of the government of Albania , to give information’s about the state on the implementation of the rights and freedoms enjoyed our national minorities and to express their views, suggestions, proposals to improve the conditions for the promotion of these rights, as well as general bilateral relations between Albania and Serbia. He made a brief overview of the activities implemented by the association in the field of learning and cultivating native Serbian language through the course of the Serbian language in Shkodra, which for the seventh year in a row succeeds to transmit Serbian language in children and adults, and thus serve as a powerful tool to strengthen our national identity. He expressed his gratitude for the great support and guarantees that the Government of the Republic of Serbia gives to our projects in preserving of Serbian the language, but also in the implementation of projects of this association that affirm our existence as religious feasts and celebration events such as Days of Serbian culture, informative television programs in Serbian language which are broadcasted in Television Kopliku etc. He expressed the expectation that such assistance will continue to be provided in the future.
The President of the Orthodox Association “Sveti Jovan Vladimir” Simo Ajkoviq stressed the importance of activities that this association is implementing in the preservation of religious customs and traditions, the need that such activities be provided with continuous help and the need to enable to our people to recently visit the homeland and its sights through excursions and other forms visits.
The president of the Association of Serbs Albania “Unity” from Fier, Mr. Ekrem Dulević presented the problematic of the teaching in Serbian language for children of the Serbian minority in that part of Albania, introduced the steps taken to ensure the smooth running of courses Serbian language and consisting in submitting the necessary documents for registration and obtaining the license for courses, to provide the necessary permission to build a multi-purpose facility in the village of Ret Libofša that will serve as a seat, with the area for classes to learn Serbian language and the cultural, economic and other activities for the benefit of the local Serbian population.
In his speech, the President of the Assembly of the Republic of Serbia pointed out that the Republic of Serbia and its organs always pay special attention to solve the problems and issues related to members of our minority both in terms of policies that are in the interest of preservation of national identity and at the level of bilateral relations during the construction of good interstate relations, regional institutional cooperation and the development of projects of mutual interest to both countries because it is an inseparable part of the reconciliation and development of our countries in the context of European integration.
She stressed that it is important that our minority survived and is organized in associations that take into account the preservation of cultural national and religious identity of our people in Albania and promised the continuation of the support for the activities of the associations.
During the official visit, the President of the Assembly of Serbia met with the President of the President of the Parliament of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Ilir Meta, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Edi Rama, as well as with the President of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Bujar Nishani.

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