Meeting with the Minister of Education of Republic of Serbia Srdjan Vrebić in Tirana


In Tirana dt. 07.10.2014 representatives of the associations of Serbian-Montenegrin national minority in Shkodra, mr. Pavlo Jakoja, g Simo Ajković, the representative of the Serbs of Fier, Eqerem Dulević and representative of Serbian-Montenegrin national minority in the State Committee for National Minorities, Bledar Bašanović met with the Minister of Education and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, mr. Srdjan Vrebić. This meeting was held during his visit in Albania in the framework of regional cooperation in the field of education . During the meeting , the representatives informed the Minister about the projects that our associations implement in preserving the language, culture and other elements of national identity. They briefed the Minister on the results of the Serbian language courses held in Shkodra and Fier, the difficulties that accompany these processes and requested that the support in the continuation of these projects to be sustained and continuous. They also proposed, that in agreement with the Albanian authorities, all formal obstacles to be removed as it is the case of the courses in Fier and to consider the possibility that the Serbian language can learned in schools in Shkodra and Fier in the form of bilingual education. They especially thanked the Minister to enable students from Albania to study in Serbia as part of the “Serbia for the Serbs in the region.”
The Minister in his speech mentioned that the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, for the first time will support education Serbian community in the Republic of Albania.
– In order to guaranty the education Serbian community in the Republic of Albania, in particular the preservation of Serbian language with elements of national culture and traditions of the Republic of Albania, the Ministry will support learning of the Serbian language – said Minister Verbić.
He announced soon the bilateral agreement for the recognition of issued diplomas of higher education in employment and stated that the work will continue to reach an agreement in the field of education with the Republic of Albania.
The meeting was attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in Tirana, mr. Miroljub Zaric.

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