Visit of His Grace, Patriarch of Moscow and all of Russia, Kiril, to Tirana


The Albanian Orthodox Church and the entire Orthodox people of Albania, as well as the Serbs of the Orthodox faith, welcomed the arrival of His Grace, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kiril from 28-30 April. His visit is of historical importance because both churches and their people have experienced and survived the persecution of communist regimes for decades.
Representatives of the association “St. Jovan Vladimir” together with other Orthodox believers from Shkodra joined the magnificent welcome of the Russian Patriarch, as well as the Holy Liturgy, which was held by both heads of sister churches.
During his speech after the worship of the believers, Patriarch Cyril highlighted the suffering and hard experiences that followed the existence of churches throughout the centuries, the demolition of churches, the killing of the clergy and clerics, but as he added, life and faith were revived, and the church also rose. – “Blood of Martyrs is also the seed of Christianity”- he stated.
– We continue to celebrate Easter, Christ’s resurrection is a healing, a means of curing our mortal life that is paralyzed from sins and distant from God. Easter is a supernatural change in our lives. That is why our God, Jesus Christ, was sacrificed and sowed for our salvation. Easter is a victory over the evil in this world. The power and heroism of the Orthodox is not in aggression or desire for vengeance, but lies in readiness to help and serve this truth, said His Holiness, Kiril.
He finished his word with the words of St. Kosmos from Etolia, martyr from this country. – “Mighty Lord has many different names. It is called Light, Life, and Resurrection. But his main name is Love. His love gives us life and where it exists, death is not possible. ”
His Grace, the Archbishop of the Albanian Orthodox Church, Anastasia, welcomed the Patriarch of the Russian Church with the words “Blessed is he who comes in the name of God”. He pointed out the decades-long cooperation and wished Kirila a year of health and life, with the world’s faith to lead the faithful Russian people in the lifetime of the light of the Cross and Resurrection.
“Christ has been revived – Truly has been revived”,- greeted His Grace, Mr. Anastas.
The Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church also had very cordial meetings with the highest state officials of Albania, the President of the Republic, Ilir Met and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania, Edi Rama.
Visiting the Church of St. Blaise, the Theological Academy “Christ’s Resurrection”, as well as the concert of the Choir of the Moscow Synod and the exhibition of the Russian iconography, Patriarch Kirill completed his world visit to Albania.

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